About Us

The American Retail Shippers Association(ARSA) was established in 2012 as a nonprofit shippers association open to importers and exporters of any and all commodity classifications to support their international & domestic transportation and supply chain needs.

ARSA staff are experienced in ocean and landside contract negotiations. It’s our life. We contract with carriers to match your specific needs, price, and service requirements. We understand and respect sensitivities of your business, and highly value the relationship with your end customer. We embrace the utmost confidentiality for our members.

As a member, you have access to any and all of our contracts. We attach NO handcuffs or limitations to our membership agreements and your ability to exercise choice.

ARSA was founded in an aspirational spirit to rejuvenate the field of logistics and strive to empower our BCO members’ market position. We achieve this with:

  • collective purchasing power and first-degree carrier connections,
  • the power of innovative technology offering comprehensive supply-chain management,
  • and accessible customized cash-flow solutions.

Contract Negotiations

Our roadmap to contract negotiations is simple and transparent:

  • We discuss your needs, volumes, shipping patterns.
  • ARSA aggregates our members volume to approach carriers and transport providers.
  • ARSA works closely with our members and vendors to insure specific needs are met, including long term rates, space protection, chassis leasing, and escalation process, if needed.


ARSA aggregates members collective volume to structure direct top tier contracts with transportation providers, thereby eliminating  mark up’s or intermediary charges.


ARSA is well positioned to provide our membership a significant portfolio of partner services including visibility, supply chain financing, PO financing, origin agency relationships, buyer agents, full 3PL trucking and warehousing.